Olivance Powerlink OPLG - 3000

Overview of the device and its features

The Olivance Powerlink OPLG – 3000 device works as a pipeline between the signal generating device (GSD) and the SMA PV inverter. The signal generating device receives a signal from the power network , this signal is either to enable or disable DRM0 mode.


The Oliavance Gateway connects to the signal generating device and detects the signal either to disable or enable the DRM0 then it sends a command to the inverter to apply the status accordingly.

The Olivance device is designed to work seamlessly with SMA inverters in a variety of network configurations. It can be connected using either WiFi or Ethernet, and supports different network topologies This allows for maximum flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of inverter models and network setups. 

To connect your Olivance device to your PV inverter, simply follow the instructions provided in the user manual and ensure that your network topology is properly configured.